Commercial parametric EQ insurance - Supporting NZ business in a crisis

Bounce is thrilled to announce that it has expanded our parametric earthquake insurance to support small and medium sized businesses in New Zealand with a sum insured limit of up to $2,000,000.

When it comes to earthquake risk, everyone knows that insurance capacity in New Zealand is tight and that premiums are continuing to increase in the traditional insurance markets, so it great to bring a new product to market that creates that capacity and supports businesses with an upfront cash payment during an earthquake crisis.

We think that parametric quake insurance makes loads of sense for SMEs. These businesses are the cornerstone of the NZ economy and are critical to the financial resilience of related communities in which they operate so its great to be able to provide a cash flow product that fast tracks their recovery.

Please read the attached article in Insurance Business NZ for more information about the launch of our commercial parametric earthquake insurance proposition.

If you are a business that is concerned about your potential exposure to earthquakes, then please talk with your insurance broker about the suitability of a parametric earthquake insurance option. If that’s not an option then please call us directly, we are keen to help.